Effective since 14/11/2020

If there is a free trial, one reminder will be sent before the end of the trial. You can expect to be billed at the end of your trial and on the same day (or the closest) the next months. For example, if your trial ends the 30th of January, you might be billed on the 30th January, then on the 28th February, then on the 30th March, then on the 30th April and so on.

If you want to manage your subscription, navigate to the product page of the product you are subscribed to (for example:

Click on the "Access Now" or "Access" button. Login with Squarespace if you are not yet logged in and pick the website for which you have a subscription for the specific ShinyPass product whose billing you wish to manage.

A "Manage Billing" button should appear.

Click it to manage your subscription, including cancellation if desired.

If there is a money back guarantee period for a specific product, you can ask for your money back for the first payment for a specific product, within the money back guarantee period which starts at the time of that first payment for a specific product.