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Save Time.

Receive by email the participants list for your event 5 minutes before it starts. Automatically close registrations when the event starts. Automatically invoice all customers when they buy your service. Automatically remind customers to pay you. And more.

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Make More Money.

No need to create a ShinyPass account. Just choose a payment page type, customise it to you liking, and increase your conversion rates.

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No ShinyPass Fees.

We are waiving our fees. The payment processor (Stripe) still takes its cut which generally amounts to 2.9% + 30ยข per transaction.

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Optimised for your Needs

We make your life easier, one feature at a time.

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Beautiful Payment Page

Create a gorgeous page in sync with your brand using our extensive options.

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Automated Reminders

Remind customers by email to pay you, at set intervals.

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Participants List

For an event, we email you the participants list 5min before it starts.

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Sales at Scale

Accept credits cards, manage invoices, send access info and more.

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QR Codes

Print your QR code to charge customers at physical locations.

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And Much More

Feature after feature to help you sleep better at night.

Use Cases

A few ways ShinyPass can help!

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โ€” When the pandemic caused our business to close, we didn't know how we would pay our staff or make ends meet. With ShinyPass, we were able to use Zoom to organise live online classes and charge for them. It took less than a minute and it was free !

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โ€” I wanted a simple solution to quickly set up paid seminars. ShinyPass was a breeze.

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โ€” When the gym closed, I wondered what would be the best way to keep my clients. ShinyPass was what I needed.


  • How do I join an event after registering ?

    You will be shown the invite URL just after registering and it will also be emailed to you after registration (check your spam folder as well).

  • How do I see who registered for my event ?

    You will receive an email 5 minutes before the event stars with the participants list, including their event username and their email address.

  • How much does ShinyPass cost ?

    ShinyPass is currently free but the payment processor (Stripe) does charge a commission on each transaction (generally 2.9% + 30cents per transaction). ShinyPass fees are 5% per transaction but are currently waived as explained above.

  • How much money can I make ?

    There is only one limit: you cannot charge more than $999'999 per transaction. You cannot charge less than $1. Please keep in mind that the payment processors generally charge 2.9% + 30cents per transaction, which would represent 32.9% on a small $1 transaction. It makes sense to not charge too small an amount.

  • What happens if someone wants to register after the event started ?

    That is not possible. 5 minutes before the event starts, the participants list is locked in and registrations are closed.

  • Why should I use ShinyPass over, for example, using only Paypal to charge ?

    • A professional highly customisable payment page will increase your converion rate (which is the percentage of people who saw your payment page who will also end up paying).
    • Charging more than one person can quickly become time consuming.
    • You get specific features such as events that stop accepting payments once they have started, a participants list emailed to you, event usernames to help you block uninvited individuals from joining your event and much more.
    • In summary: as a business platform, ShinyPass uses a payment processor like Stripe to power its payment processing capabilities. ShinyPass offers industry specific features (for events, for example) that not only save you time but also help you manage your activities, differentiate yourself from your competition and increase conversion rates.

  • What does ShinyPass mean ?

    Definition of "shiny": filled with light, as by sunshine.
    Definition of "pass": a card, ticket, or permit giving authorization.
    When people register for your event or buy your product or service, they are buying a ShinyPass. A "Pass" because it grants access to your event, product or service. "Shiny" because the payment page (which is designed to look like a pass) can be customised to your liking.

  • I need help or have a question. What should I do ?

    Contact us using the chat widget at the bottom right of the screen (black circle with a chat bubble icon in it). We will reply within 24 hours. Please make sure to leave your email address when asked by the widget so we can get back to you. Otherwise, you can also reach us on Twitter: @1337leoneo.

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